The Robomatic was designed and constructed using a combination of woodcut relief and intaglio prints on 1-ply chipboard. 
“The RoBo-Matic™ is the newest mechanical mate from ALF Toys, the industry leader in synthetic friend creation. RoBo-Matic™ is fully equipped with five (FIVE!) articulate, moving parts and can be posed in a number of fun and expressive ways. Four heads provide RoBo-Matic™ with 360º vision and multiple personalities ranging from confused all the way to maniacal. Use his flexi-claws to perform a “RoBo-Death Grip” on your favorite household pet or program him to conquer your neighborhood using the front-access Omega 30000 control panel (supercomputer included separately). RoBo-Matic™ will be your best friend forever, or at least until you get older when Robo-Matic™ is programmed to exterminate all human life in an attempt to preserve childhood bliss. Ask your parents permission to visit robomatic.alf/evilworlddomination. All robo-rights reserved.”

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